Tips for New Homebuyers

My tips for new homebuyers were recently published in an article posted on the Below is a reprint of the story: 

Taking the leap into purchasing a home can be daunting for first-time buyers. Luckily, Fiona Dogan of Julia B. Sotheby’s International Realty is highly experienced in the home buying process and can help make the path to finding a dream home a little less bumpy.

“The first thing you really have to do is get your financing in order,” said Dogan, a real estate agent who has earned a five-star realtor rating in Westchester Magazine, among other accolades. “You have to be a viable buyer when starting to look for a home otherwise homeowners and agents will not take you seriously.”

Aspiring homeowners can look at ten or more homes before finally settling on one that matches their needs. It’s important to see a range of home styles and prices in person before deciding to buy, Dogan stresses. “You may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”

While great location has often been the major selling point for home buyers, the market today is seeing a higher demand for brand new homes that may compromise on location.

“Location used to dictate everything in the home sale process, but now in 2017, it’s all about condition, condition, condition,” said Dogan. “Mostly, if not almost always, first time buyers would rather buy a home in perfect condition and sacrifice a little more on location because they just don’t want to do any renovation.”

Dogan is seeing many new buyers come from apartments or condos where most upkeep problems are handled by a superintendent or a landlord. However, as homeowners, they are now responsible for everything related to their property.

“Every single item in that house is your responsibility, no one is there to help you,” said Dogan. “It can be intimidating for young buyers but while there is an expenditure of time and money in the upkeep of a home, owning your own home is a satisfying and smart investment in the long run.”

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