Rye Couple: Fiona’s Strategy Sold Our Home

Helen and Bill are savvy business professionals. Helen, a marketer, and Bill, who works on Wall Street, are self-described “information-driven and analytical types.” So, when they decided to put their Rye home on the market amid the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, they sought data to help them understand the real estate landscape. And they turned to Fiona Dogan.

“We relied on Fiona to provide a framework for us,” explained Bill. “I sell stocks and bonds, and she sells houses, but the principles are similar. She arrived at our first meeting armed with facts and figures.” 

Fiona also gave the couple a profile of potential buyers and what would appeal to them. Says Helen, “She had data, but also had her finger on the pulse of what people from New York City were looking for — the intangibles.”

A long relationship

The couple had actually reached out to Fiona a few years prior, when they first started thinking about selling their home. Fiona gave them a two-year plan to prepare their home for the market, which included minor repairs and renovations. After becoming empty nesters, they decided to take the plunge. 

One of Fiona’s recommendations was to stage their home for sale. 

“She told us what to fix, what we could leave alone,” says Helen. “Having her handle the preparation and staging was the biggest bang for the buck. We gave her complete control and it was worth it.” Helen continues: “Painting, decluttering — she had the buyers in mind and she made it all happen. She helped us get the house ready for buyers, and she helped us get ready to sell, too.”

The strategy

Initially, they thought their home would appeal to Rye residents looking to upgrade, but Fiona had other ideas. She recommended focusing their marketing on buyers located outside Westchester County. The couple trusted her recommendations on pricing and how she handled the negotiation after an offer was made. 

“She knows how to position a house in any market — in a pandemic or otherwise,” notes Bill.

The couple says they felt well prepared for the entire process, from marketing the home through the offer, sale and closing.  “There were no surprises,” adds Helen. “It can be so emotional and anything can happen. But she did a good job in screening buyers and that helped.”

The couple says they recommend Fiona’s services highly.  “Fiona gives you an accurate lay-of-the land. She works with clients in a way that’s comfortable, yet customized, down to her communication style. We had good information from her and were able to make the best decisions for us,” says Bill. 

Helen adds: “Fiona feels like your smart best friend who gives you the best advice and gets it done. She’s charming, a straight shooter, and she’s always accessible. The experience with Fiona left us with a good feeling.” 

Let Fiona help you sell or find your dream home. Contact Fiona at 914-414-5147 or email her directly.