International Buyers Should Consider Westchester County, NY

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Relocating to the U.S.? Why International Buyers Should Consider Westchester County, New York for Their Next Move

International buyers purchased residential property nationwide, but in 2018, just five states accounted for 53 percent of all foreign residential homes purchased, according to research conducted by the National Association of Realtors.

New York State is among those top five top destinations for international homebuyers, and with good reason! Job and educational opportunities, and cultural similarities are among the factors cited. New York, and specifically Westchester County, has some of the best opportunities the nation has to offer.

Why should international buyers move to Westchester County? Here are just a few reasons.

Top ranked public schools

Westchester is the perfect place for young families because it is home to some of the best public school systems in America. In fact, in beautiful Rye, located in southern Westchester on the Long Island Sound, over 45 nationalities have been represented at Rye High School over time, which is consistently top-ranked among public schools nationwide.

International schools

Not only is Westchester home to stellar public schools, if you prefer other choices, there are five international schools which offer primary and secondary school options. The EF Academy is a traditional boarding school describing its education as “Oxfordian;” The Keio Academy is affiliated with Keio University in Tokyo, Japan; The German International School New York is college prep school which confers both a New York State high School Diploma and the German International Abitur upon its graduates; The French American School is an international school offering curriculum from nursery school through grade 12; and the Lyceum Kennedy French American School is a bilingual school from nursery school through 12th grade.

Access to New York City

Commuting to NYC couldn’t be easier from Westchester. With commutes averaging 30 minutes by train from Lower Westchester, traveling to midtown Manhattan for work or play is a breeze. Access work, culture, food and shopping in NYC while enjoying the quality of life Westchester has to offer!

Expat community

Expatriates, or “expats” — foreign nationals who have relocated to the U.S. – are in abundance in Westchester County. Many expatriate social organizations and informal social networks exist to support the community. For example, Rye Expats is a group of 160+ families who moved from overseas to live in Rye and nearby towns. They offer regular meetings and events throughout the year as well as online resources — including a “Taste of Home” list for readers who want to find the nearest shop with their native country’s specialties.

Beautiful homes, fabulous lifestyle!

Westchester County offers an unparalleled quality of life and a home to suit any price point. We have classic and custom Colonials, contemporary estates, waterfront luxury villas, historic and antique houses, and brand-new construction. For international buyers wanting to try out a certain area before settling in, beautiful homes are available to rent. (See current homes on the market here). Westchester County boasts world-class cultural institutions, beautiful parks and beaches, shopping and dining to suit an array of tastes, and close-knit communities. (Even more reasons to move to Westchester here).

Fiona Dogan, expert real estate professional with global expertise

An expat herself, Fiona Dogan helps international clients find their dream homes and settle into their new communities with ease. A native of Dundee, Scotland, Dogan travels the globe with her husband, a native of Istanbul, Turkey, and she speaks German, Turkish, and French. She raised her children in Rye, joined the Rye Newcomers Club and Rye Expat Connection, and came to know many relocated families of all nationalities. In short—she, too, has been a “fish out of water” and understands the needs of international families who are relocating the area, and can help them navigate new communities, new schools, and new customs. (More on Fiona’s story here).

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